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Isabelle's Story

by Laura Penney, 26 October 2016, 09:59 AM

Hi, my name is Isabelle. I was part of the second cohort of the Eqwip Hubs Training Programme.
I completed the Foundational and Employability training.
Being a part of this training has really been beneficial to me and everyone given this opportunity should not take it for granted.
It has helped me build on my self-confidence and other areas of my life, personal and professional. I was a shy person that tried to avoid speaking in public but now I can confidently speak in public, and having stood in front of the third cohort to speak to them is evidence of how EQWIP HUBs has contributed to my personal development.
Through EQWIP HUBs, I got my current placement as a volunteer in VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas) and I was also presented with other opportunities through the Foundational Learning Community.
Remember, you are an ambassador of EQWIP HUBs. Whatever you learn should be shared with others.

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Laura Penney